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How to Delete a Slide on Google Slides

Google Slides is a very useful tool for creating professional presentations. However, when creating them, it may happen that you have created the same slide twice and need to delete one. The same happens if […]


How to Change Cell Size in Google Sheets

Many people who are just starting to use Google Sheets often have problems resizing cells. But do not worry because here we will help you solve that problem. You will see that with practice, you […]


How to Rotate Google Maps

Introduction: Google maps is a free online map service by Google. It provides detailed information about different locations, geographical sites, areas around the world. It not only provides a satellite view of the Earth but […]


How to Use Google Maps4

At present, no one goes somewhere they do not know without looking at Google maps4. Thanks to this app, it is easier to plan your next trip, check the current traffic status, discover what is […]


How to Unmerge Cells in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has come up in recent years as a brilliant online replacement for Microsoft Excel. It has helped people to collaborate and share documents while working on them easily and effectively. With Google Sheets, […]

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Which of the following is a Core Aspect of Marketing

According to the marketing genius, Philip Kotler, “Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with each other”. […]

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Does SEO Require Coding? Coding for SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is all the craze these days. It is what helps push pages to the top of search engines, guaranteeing increased clicks. Many businesses shy away from learning SEO, thinking it […]