How to Unmerge Cells in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has come up in recent years as a brilliant online replacement for Microsoft Excel. It has helped people to collaborate and share documents while working on them easily and effectively. With Google Sheets, saving a document is no longer a concern as, after every change you make, the file automatically saves itself on the Google Drive and Google Sheets server of your Google account.

If you have used Google Sheets, you also must have made a table or list at some point. Perhaps to record some statistical data or to prepare some report for professional purposes. Among all this, Google Sheets can be a little tricky to understand as it has a lot of features, some new while most similar to Microsoft Excel. With the increasing technology, not many of us expect to learn something like Google Sheets, simply because of its easy user interface and user-friendly experience. But there are few functions and tools, that might require a bit of a guide to understanding as although easy to use, they might be difficult to locate and time-consuming. Hence, here is a quick guide on one of such features: Unmerge Cells.

You may need to merge cells in the first place, to accommodate or consolidate some data that you would mention below. And you might need to unmerge these cells to, for instance, edit the data mentioned under such heading/sub-heading and to add or remove something. We have two methods for you that you can use to unmerge cells, you can choose the one that suits you:



1. For instance, this is a table where you want to unmerge the topmost heading (Year wise Trends in E-Commerce Industry) which is located in B:1 to D:1 cells. You might want to unmerge to perhaps remove the year 2021, as it would be too early now to record the trends for the entire year.

2. Select the portion of the number of cells you want to unmerge with your cursor, in this case, B:1 to D:1.

3. Click on Format and a drop-down menu would open:

4. Hover your cursor on the option of Merge cells, another menu would open. Here, click on the fourth option: Unmerge.

5. Now, you will observe that the merged cells have been unmerged. You can edit them and also add/remove any columns below to curate your table.



This was one method of unmerging the cells. There is another method of unmerging that can come in handy if you want to save some time. Follow these steps:

1. Let’s take the example of the same table and learn how to unmerge it with another method. In the toolbar, locate this symbol:

2. First, select the merged cells that you would like to unmerge. Next, open the drop-down menu, you will now see the same four options as similar to the drop-down menu of the previous method of unmerging.

3. Locate the Unmerge option on the menu and click on it. The merged cells that you had selected earlier, would be unmerged quickly.

These were two methods of unmerging cells in Google Sheets. Although the second one is easier, the first help when you might want to explore other options too, apart from just unmerging.