How to Rotate Google Maps


Google maps is a free online map service by Google. It provides detailed information about different locations, geographical sites, areas around the world. It not only provides a satellite view of the Earth but also shows various road maps, pathways, and offers an aerial view of the places. It can even provide live images/videos of places with the vehicles in movement! Ever wondered how your house looks from above? Enter the longitudes and latitudes and Google maps will show it to you. The world first got to know about Google maps in February 2005. Created by Lars Rasmussen and Jens Rasmussen, it is available in more than 70 languages.



This amazing web application also provides a lot many options like:

1. Directional routes to different places

2. Traffic on roads for you to choose the best possible way to your destination

3. Live navigation to your destination

4. Live location sharing

5. Supplement images of cosmic objects for people interested in astronomy

With these many options to choose from, there are also many features that Google maps include. You can zoom in to a location, zoom out, rotate and do much more than that!

One common question that arises, yet, is why does not Google maps or any other maps for that instance rotate with ease?

This is because the maps are made out of pixels and set at a particular angle (45°) in one standard direction, i.e. north. These pixels, when you download the map, takes the form of an image-making it unable to rotate in the street/2D view. Thus, it is always important to check whether the map is set in 2D or 3D viewing mode.


How to Rotate Google Maps?

Well, there are a few very easy ways to do so. These ways differ for Google maps on a PC and Google maps on a smartphone.

If you are looking for how to rotate Google maps on a smartphone, these are the steps:

1. Launch Google Maps on your smartphone

2. Enter the location/turn on the navigation/search for something according to your preference

3. Put two fingers on the screen and rotate the fingers as per your choice

This is the easiest way to rotate Google maps on a smartphone, or in general.

To rotate Google maps on a computer, these are the steps-

1. Launch Google Maps on your PC

2. Find the three dashes on the top left side of your screen

3. A list will appear. Select satellite view from the list

4. Now on the screen, you would find many arrows. Rotate the maps using those arrows as per your preference

5. You can now rotate the maps


Another option is to press the control key and with the help of your mouse rotate the maps in the satellite view itself.

Note: Remember, if you wish to rotate Google maps on a PC, make sure that the maps are in aerial/satellite view and not street view. The above steps are considering the map to be in satellite view.