How to Add Thumbnails on the Google Chrome Home Page?


Google Chrome is no doubt one of the most used web browsers out there. Reasons? Well, there are too many to count. At the outset, it has a great user interface and fast speed with countless features to add on. One such feature is the ‘thumbnail’ feature on the home page of Google Chrome. This feature includes the few most visited websites by the user. This feature shows in the form of thumbnails on the homepage which a user can click and without browsing for the site, can reach. There are many sites that users often visit. Thus, having their thumbnails available within one click is much easier. It is also less time-consuming than having to type the entire web address in the search bar.

When the feature was first introduced, there was certain criticism that came on its way. The one common concern that many users faced was the automatic display of websites. It is displayed with no manual customization available. This way the websites that the user does not want to show were also displayed on the homepage. And the ones that the user wished to see, it was not possible to add them. The other problem was the limit of thumbnails on the homepage which was up to six websites only. But things are way easier and user-friendly in the newer versions of the browser.



Let us discuss how to add thumbnails to your Google Chrome.

Note: The steps may vary from version to version. It is advisable for the readers to first update their Chrome to its newest version.

There are several ways by which you can add thumbnails on your Chrome homepage.

One, by entering the address yourself or two, automatically adding it.


A. Steps to add thumbnails manually:

1. Launch Google Chrome on your PC


2. You’ll see an ‘Add Shortcut’ option in the thumbnails. Click on it

3. A dialogue box will appear

4. Enter the name you wish to give the thumbnail and the web address

5. Click Add

Your thumbnail will be added.


B. Steps to add thumbnail automatically:

1. Launch Google Chrome on your PC

2. Press Ctrl. + Shift + Delete

3. Click on ‘clear data’

This will clear all the history from the device

4. Close Chrome and restart it

5. Open a new tab

6. Type the site address you wish to add as a thumbnail in the search bar

7. Press enter

8. Exit Google Chrome

9. Restart Chrome and you will find the thumbnail on your homepage

Your thumbnail will be added.


C. Steps to add a thumbnail on your Mobile Chrome browser:

1. Open Chrome

2. Clear the browsing data from your device

3. Restart Chrome

4. Type the site address you wish to add as a thumbnail in the search bar

5. Click on the search

6. Restart Chrome to find the thumbnail

Your thumbnail will be added.

These are the two basic ways to add a thumbnail. Yet, your thumbnails may change on their own if you don’t use the site that much. To keep a thumbnail available on your homepage, make sure you make frequent visits to the website. It all depends on your online activities. The greater you use a site, the more you see its thumbnail.