How to Change Cell Size in Google Sheets

Many people who are just starting to use Google Sheets often have problems resizing cells. But do not worry because here we will help you solve that problem. You will see that with practice, you will be able to handle this topic very well as long as you follow our instructions.

Cell Height and Width

When opening a new spreadsheet, we see that all cells are the same: all rows are the same height and all columns are the same width. But if we need it, we can modify this to improve the appearance of the sheet.

Row Height

Initially, all rows are the height of one line. But we can modify the height of the row with the mouse. Simply click between the heading of one row and the next, when the cursor changes to a double arrow. Stretching downwards, we increase the height of the row, and upwards we reduce it. It can also happen that the height of a row increases automatically when you enter the text that does not fit in the cell.


Column Width

In the same way, we can increase the width of a column. If we put the cursor between two column headings, it will change showing two arrows. This allows us to widen the column by dragging it to the right or narrow it by stretching to the left.

We can also modify the height of the rows and the width of the columns using the contextual menu and using the option Change the size … For this, we must indicate the indicator of the desired column or row (its letter or its number, respectively) and press the right mouse button.

This opens a dialog box where we can modify the current size or automatically fit the information you need.


Merge Cells

Sometimes we will need a cell to be wider or taller, but only that cell, not the entire column or the entire row, usually to insert text, such as a title at the beginning of the sheet or some other element.

We cannot widen only one cell, but we can combine several adjacent cells in the same row or column to have a larger cell. The requirement is that they be adjacent cells.

To do this, we select the range of cells to combine and display the options of the Combine cells button.

When combined, the cell divisions within the range disappear, showing a single cell. To refer to this cell, we will use the first cell in the upper right corner that forms the merged cell. Likewise, in this cell is the data that we enter for formulas or other references.

The Separate Cells option from the button’s drop-down menu will separate the cells into the originals.


As you can see, using Google sheets is not complicated at all. We hope that now you can change the size of the cells without difficulty, just follow our recommendations to do it properly.