Google Couldn’t Verify It’s You – How To Fix That

You may need to change your Google password but when entering your account, you receive an error message notifying you that it is not possible to verify that this account belongs to you. You try by all means to access knowledge that you have done nothing wrong and still, Google does not allow you to access your account.

Don’t worry anymore, here we will give you some alternatives to recover your Google account so that you can use it again without problems.


Common Solutions for Google to Verify your Account

If when you want to access your Google account, it tells you that you can’t access it, after few attempts you will choose to reset your password. To get a new password you can do chose different options:

  • Add your phone number to receive an SMS with the verification code.
  • You can request to receive an account verification link on an alternate account that you have added.
  • Add the correct answer to the security question you added earlier.
  • If you are still unable to access your account, please call +1-807-698-5511 for assistance.

Generally, these mentioned alternatives are usually the most common solutions to apply when verifying and recovering your account. But, it may happen that even after trying these options, you still cannot access your account because Google cannot verify it. For that, you can follow the next option that we will discuss below.


What to Do if Google Can’t Verify your Account?

It is recommended that when you are in the process of recovering your Google account, you do it from a device where you have previously logged in with the account you want to recover. This helps Google to recognize the IP of your device so that it is more reliable so that it allows you to change your password and recover your account.

As you know, every Google account at the time of its creation allows you to add a phone number and a recovery email. In this case, if you have a phone number and another recovery email and if you lost the password of your main account, it would be easier to recover your account. If the account you want to recover has not added an email or recovery number, then it will be a bit more difficult but not impossible.

Recover your Google account following the next steps:

1.- Enter your email and password.

2.- If you cannot log in, click on ”I forgot my password”.

3.- Add the last password you remember. If it doesn’t work, click on “Try another way” to display other options.

4.- The system will offer you two options, one is by alternative email or by phone.

5.- Whatever option you chose, you will receive a verification code that you must enter and then take you to the password recovery page.

6.- Create a new password and save your changes.


Recover Google Account Without Phone or Recovery Email

If at the moment that you created your Google account, you did not add a phone number or alternative email address where to receive the security code, then you can try this option:

1.- Click on “I forgot my password”

2.- Now, click on “Try another way”.

3.- The system will ask you to add a phone number o the recovery email. If you don’t have no one, click again on “Try another way”.

4.- The system will as you a month and year of when you have created the Google account. If you remember, add it.

5.- The system will redirect you to the recovery password page.



If you can’t access your Google account, try the options mentioned here. If you still have problems and Google can’t verify it’s you, then contact the team support to receive instructions.