How to Wrap Text Around Table In Google Docs

When adding a type of graphic and words into one document, one of two things happens; either the text gets spliced and cut in two, or the table shoots to some random part of the page. That’s why there’s a way to work around text, helping creators find the perfect fit. However, unlike Microsoft Word, the options in Google Docs to format text are a bit complicated. Plus, positioning it perfectly between graphics leaves users stumped on how to get it done. That’s why we’re here with three easy-to-follow ways to work with Google Docs to take all the frustration away.


1. Use Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a lot like Excel. Many users that need to create charts or graphs use Google Sheets. It allows them to plug in numbers easily and create graphic representations in just a few clicks. So, when in Google Sheets, this is all you’ll have to do to successfully text wrap your table.

Step One: Open Google Sheets Spreadsheet
Step Two: Make your chart
Step Three: Make a copy of your graph
Step Four: Open up a new Google Doc
Step Five: Left click and “paste.” Then, scroll over the selection to find image
Step Six: Once the box pops up, find the text wrapping options you want and click


2. Turn your Table into an Image

Those looking to get the job done fast don’t have to mosey over to Google Sheets. Instead, they can create tables in Google Docs directly and save the hassle of opening up several programs at once. The easiest way to get the position you want is to convert the graph into an image.

Step One: Make your graph in Google Docs
Step Two: Create a copy
Step Three: Open up the Drawing tool (Found in Insert)
Step Four: Paste your graph into a drawing tool
Step Five: Once you have an image created, select the text option you prefer


3. Draw your Table

For a little more freedom in the creation of your table, fit bits and pieces together. For this to work, you’ll work with the drawing tool, which will allow you to build your table using a combination of shapes.

Step One: Open up the drawing tool
Step Two: Create your table (get creative here!)
Step Three: When finished, Left click on Text Wrap


Learn the Tricks of the Trade

Google Docs is a super program for several reasons, chosen as an all-in-one tool for several companies for its advanced features. However, it can be a hassle if you’re not well-versed in its uses. The more you learn about the program, you’ll understand more about its power, understanding how to use it for all of your sharing needs. Now that you can create a table to your liking and position the text around it in any way that you would like to make the document you have in mind.